AI Fashion Try-on for Fashion Business

Effortlessly display your products on adaptable virtual models, elevating your brand's allure without exceeding your budget.

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AI Fashion Try-on for Fashion Business
AI Fashion Try-on for Fashion Business

Our Solutions

Showcase Clothing

Mocky streamlines model creation across demographics, empowering your brand to authentically represent and connect with a broad customer base.

1. Showcase Clothing
Supercharge Your Brand

Skip costly and time-consuming physical set constructions with seamless AI integration into diverse backgrounds. Craft stunning fashion images instantly!

2. Supercharge Your Brand
Unmatched Adaptability

Say goodbye to pricey traditional photoshoots. Embrace a budget-friendly method to showcase products. Elevate branding effortlessly to the next level!

3. Elevate shopping experience
Effortlessly Create Clothing Models
Effortlessly Create
Revamp your online store. Upgrade your fashion brand with Mocky's AI models for an exceptional experience.

Why Should I Use AI Fashion Try-on?

Expansive Horizons

Through the Mocky, transcend the constraints of traditional photoshoots and travel. Swiftly generate a plethora of images spanning various apparel categories, thereby broadening the spectrum of your product offerings.

Economical Advantages

Harness the power of AI to seamlessly convert your product photos into impeccably professional AI model representations. Eliminate the necessity for costly photoshoots, slashing model photography expenses by a remarkable 90%.

Effortless Sales

Get product model photos in minutes. No more waiting for photoshoots. Instant high-quality images boost sales.


Step 1: Upload clothes image.
Step 2: Select up to AI models matching your brand's style.
Step 3: Hit 'Generate'. Toggle background as desired. Professional AI fashion models ready in seconds!

1. Fashion Innovation: AI aids in creating distinctive clothing designs, patterns, and styles, fostering creativity among designers.
2. Virtual Try-On Solutions: Integrate AI-powered virtual fitting rooms into e-commerce platforms, allowing customers to visualize clothing before making a purchase.
3. Personalized Shopping: Leverage AI to analyze customer data, enabling personalized shopping experiences and tailored product recommendations.
4. Efficient Inventory Management: Utilize AI for optimizing inventory through demand forecasting, minimizing overstock, and ensuring popular items remain stocked.
5. Enhanced Supply Chain Management: Streamline the supply chain with AI-driven solutions for demand forecasting, quality control, and logistics optimization.
6. Market Trend Identification: Harness AI for analyzing data to identify emerging fashion trends, keeping brands at the forefront of the dynamic industry.

Certainly, invoices are automatically generated for all payments. You can access all your invoices in your profile.

Mocky operates on monthly or yearly subscriptions with auto-renewal. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time.

The Photo Quality feature is designed for advanced restoration of low-quality images, including those of people, nature, and architecture captured with mobile phones or digital cameras.

Up your e-commerce game with mocky mobile app. Capture shots of your products on your phone and let Mocky handle the rest - from batch editing to seamless synchronization with your web app.[for small screen]

Mocky AI, coming soon to your phone

Up your e-commerce game with Mocky mobile app. Capture shots of your products on your phone and let Mocky handle the rest - from batch editing to seamless synchronization with your web app.